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Senzo Replacement Arai Visor Fitting Kit CK6

Senzo Replacement Arai Visor Fitting Kit CK6


Introducing Senzo's latest innovation for the Arai CK-6 Helmet: the New Visor Fitting Kit. Senzo, renowned in the world of karting for its precision kart parts, proudly presents this stylish and functional addition to the Arai CK-6 range. Crafted from premium quality materials, the kit is meticulously anodized in six striking colours and comes in three unique designs.

The comprehensive kit includes washers, screws, and the newly added matching tear-off posts, all tailor-made for a perfect fit. Available designs include Plain (offered exclusively in Silver), Oval, and Dash, with colour options such as Black, Blue, Red, Gold, and Titanium.

This new visor fitting kit from Senzo not only enhances the visual appeal of your Arai helmet but also bolsters its functionality, making it an essential upgrade for any Arai CK-6 Helmet user.

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