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Senzo Chrome 4 Wheel Kart Trolley Stacker V2 (2023 Model)

Senzo Chrome 4 Wheel Kart Trolley Stacker V2 (2023 Model)


The Senzo 4 Wheel Trolley Stacker V2, released in November 2023, marks a significant advancement over its predecessor, the V1. This innovative product offers an efficient storage solution for the 4 Wheel Trolley, effectively reducing the required storage space.

The V2 boasts a comprehensive redesign, incorporating new materials to achieve a lighter structure. A key feature is the integration of Nylon, which eliminates sharp edges and provides enhanced protection for the 4 Wheel Trolley. This choice of material significantly reduces the likelihood of damage to both the Trolley's fabric and its chrome finish.

Despite its lighter weight, the V2 maintains robust strength, embodying a modern and more practical design.

Since its arrival in mid-November, the V2 has garnered considerable popularity, reflected in both sales and positive customer feedback.

Key Features:

  • Nylon legs to minimise the risk of damage to the Trolley.
  •  Reduced weight for easier handling.
  •  Durable construction.
  •  User-friendly design.
  •  Compact and convenient storage. 
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