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Senzo 8 Bolt Ultra Low Profile Stainless Steel Seat Fitting Kit

Senzo 8 Bolt Ultra Low Profile Stainless Steel Seat Fitting Kit



2 x 70mm Stainless low profile bolts
2 x 30mm Stainless low profile bolts
4 x 25mm Stainless low profile bolts
8 x M8 25mm Stainless low profile washers
8 x M8 flanged Ny-lock nuts
10 x 40mm diameter x 2mm thick Nylon spacer washers
10 x 40mm diameter x 4mm thick Nylon spacer washers
2 x 40mm diameter x 10mm thick Nylon spacer washers

This new high specification new stainless steel low profile fitting kit allows a complete seat to be fitted with bolts for four main stays and four extra seat stays.

The kit also includes a nylon washer spacer kit to make sure that you have every combination of spacer required to fit a kart seat.

The incredibly flat bolt and washer combination does not destroy you race suit, your rib protector, or your body. They enable you to tighten the seat bolts without fear of the washer pulling through, as they often do with plastic countersunk washers, or bottoming out as they can do will regular steel washers. The design of the washer is such that it allows the head of the bolt to twist in the washer which stops the seat from breaking during the twisting forces generated by the chassis.

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