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INTREPID, founded in 1992 by Mirko Sguerzoni at only 20 years of age, is a leading Italian company on the world karting scene.
It began its history with the production of top-class SKM-branded go-kart parts and accessories, the first brand of the Intrepid group.
SKM developed exponentially and in a short time became one of the leading manufacturers of high-tech spare parts and accessories, becoming the official supplier of spare parts and accessories for leading Italian kart manufacturers, who enthusiastically welcomed the technical innovations proposed and used them to improve their offerings.
A few years later, thanks to a trip to the United States, Sguerzoni met Mr. Claudio Valiante, who recognised his talent and offered him a challenge, that of producing a chassis for the American market.
The kart, carefully designed by merging the advice received from American drivers with the technical innovations devised and tested by Sguerzoni, reached the top of the American market and gained excellent visibility thanks to important victories. Thus, in the wake of this winning experience, Sguerzoni began producing chassis for third parties and exported abroad to Japan, France and Germany and to other countries where he was asked for a customised product created according to all the criteria dictated by the federations.
Thanks to his commercial skills, Sguerzoni managed to expand SKM throughout Europe and the world with a very positive response thanks to the high quality of the products made with the best raw materials.
In 2002, SKM's spare parts production was joined by the production of high-performance INTREPID chassis, which, over the next 20 years, was to collect some of the world's most prestigious titles including: world titles, CIK FIA World Cups and various European and Italian championships. Intrepid thus marks the beginning of its exciting journey in motor sport, introducing technical innovations and refinement, using excellent raw materials and paying particular attention to the aesthetics of its products.
Intrepid's focal point is technological development, which it constantly carries out with the Racing Team to guarantee its customers reliable, high-quality products. In addition, Intrepid is proud to point out that production is completely carried out in Italy and the technical study of each product is done in-house with the support of trained personnel of the highest level.

In 2008, in the wake of Intrepid's success, a reality was created within the group called the Intrepid Driver Program with the aim of scouting out the most talented drivers, supporting them and giving them the chance to grow and reach the highest levels of motor sport.
Thanks also to the cooperation of the dense sales network present in more than 40 countries worldwide, the Intrepid Driver Program has achieved such prestige and credibility that many of the drivers selected by Intrepid have become part of important Formula 1 team development programmes.
In fact, the project is not only linked to the world of karting but also to that of formula cars where many of the drivers, born and bred in Intrepid, continue their careers under the supervision of Sguerzoni who points them to professional and competitive formula teams.  This is not a management project but a chain of growth from karting to formula, an added value that other competing companies at the time did not offer and which allows drivers to arrive physically and mentally prepared for the change of category.
In 2009, Sguerzoni and the Intrepid Driver Program became a reference point for prestigious Formula 1 teams that recognised the programme's potential and shared the growth method adopted to help the most talented young drivers.
In the same year, Jaime Alguersuari and Sebastièn Buemi inaugurate their Formula 1 careers with Toro Rosso formerly Intrepid drivers. The two are very close to Sguerzoni, their first coach in karting, and often meet him on the track for test sessions.


Subsequently, through the driver search and selection programme, additional outstanding drivers, currently at the top of F1, will be selected between 2009 and 2012: 

⦁    Alex Albon, winning the CIK-FIA EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP and CIK-FIA WORLD CUP KF3 in 2010
⦁    George Russel, winning 2 prestigious titles CIK-FIA EUROPEAN CHAMPION KF3 in 2011 and in 2012
⦁    Charles Leclerc, discovered by the driver selection programme in 2010, and later with the collaboration of Nicolas Todt won the title in 2011 CIK-FIA WORLD CHAMPION KF3
⦁    Max Verstappen, achieves numerous victories in the KF2 category in 2012, including CIK-FIA EUROPEAN CHAMPION KF2 in Wackersdorf. He was then suggested and accompanied to Red Bull for his first interview with Dr. Helmut Marko, thus beginning his great career in F1.


In addition to these young drivers, who are now established in Formula 1, and who come from the selection of the Intrepid Driver Program, many other drivers who have contributed greatly to the history and growth of Intrepid should also be mentioned.
The collaboration with important partners, who have chosen Intrepid as their point of reference in karting, is confirmation that the modern philosophy introduced by the historical management, which takes care of the products but also has an eye on the future of drivers, works and is an added value that sets it apart.



Intrepid satellite teams are managed independently by dealers participating in major national competitions. The dense Intrepid sales network, made up of about 40 dealers, respects the company's image and philosophy and has an eye for young drivers. The best are suggested to the parent company to participate in the "INTREPID INTERNATIONAL TOP DRIVERS SELECTION" program and if eligible are included in the official Racing Team. In addition, when there are prerequisites, Intrepid supports the most talented drivers by providing them with chassis and part of the racing material with the aim of promoting the brand and consequently increasing sales in each country.

The official Racing Team participates in the most important championships, at international level, CIK FIA and WSK (about 10-12 races), with drivers competing in the categories: KF Junior, KF and KZ.

The KF Junior team is made up of 4/5 emerging drivers, about 13 years old, from all over the world while the KF team is made up of 2 emerging drivers who however have a good experience accumulated in the previous category. Instead, the KZ team is formed by 2 professional drivers and 1 young rider who have the task of developing the material, promoting the brand and achieving the best results in the race. The team is directed by a representative of the parent company who is available to all dealers to transmit the necessary technical indications on the competition fields and guarantee the best support.

The official Rotax Team, managed directly by Intrepid, takes part in the most prestigious Rotax competitions, including: Rotax Winter Cup, Rotax Euro Challenge and Open International. The official structure, present on all circuits, supports about 8 drivers competing in the categories: Rotax Junior, Rotax Senior and Rotax DD2.


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